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Terms & Conditions


I would like to inform you everything you say to me is confidential. However, there are limits to the confidentiality agreement. Here they are: 

  • If you were considered to be a danger to yourself or anyone else your GP or NOK may be contacted.

  • If there is a concern for the safety of any child, as set out in the Children First Guidelines 2011 and the Children’s First Act 2015 

  • If there are child protection concerns, we would be legally and morally obliged to report it to the relevant services. If this were to occur, I would inform you of my intentions to do so. 

  • If you were to disclose any information regarding an experience or knowledge of past sexual abuse where there is an immediate concern for the welfare of a child, I am legally obliged to make a report to the Child and Family Services HSE. 

  • If you were not to attend a session, your NOK that you gave me would be contacted if I failed to get you. 

Please Note: All Psychotherapists/Counsellors are required to work under supervision and to keep short notes as a memory aid and if anything came up in court. If you were discussed in supervision your identity would not be revealed and a pseudonym would be adopted. 


  • We agree to meet on a regular basis. 

  • The sessions will be confidential within the boundaries we have discussed. 

  • The session fee is €60 (Counselling/Psychotherapy) | €70 (Counsellor Supervision, Couples and Families)) 

  • We will give each other 48-hour notice if we are unable to attend.  

  • If you were to cancel within the 48 – hour notice, you would still be charged the full fee. 

  • It is the supervisees responsibility to make sure they familiarise themselves with the requirements for their course and accreditation body and keep up to date with any changes that may arise from their accreditation body. I will take no responsibility in the supervisees failure to do so. (SUPERVISION ONLY)

  • We agree to work under the: IACP Code of Ethics, the current Child Protection Laws and a client based module 

  • If we were ever to meet in public outside of sessions, I would never approach you unless you approached me first. 


Any emails or communication and any files transmitted between us are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed.  If you receive an email, text, letter etc, in error please notify the sender.  If you are not the named addressee you should not disseminate, distribute or copy the message in that communication.

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