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Board of Directors (IACP)

At the Annual General Meeting in August of 2023, I was elected to be a new board member for IACP. Although joining the board was extremely daunting at first, I'm loving every minute of it. Throughout our meetings, we are dealing with a wide range of IACP issues - CORU negotiations, updating of policies etc. - and in general making the IACP a better organisation for their therapists and the clients we serve. It has been a privilege to meet the wonderful staff who run the IACP day in day out, and I'm so grateful for the warm welcome I received upon my joining. I really look forward to continuing my journey on the board this year, and providing inputs into changes that could affect us therapists on the frontline and learning skills I can apply into my private practice. It is a terrific privilege to have been elected and I'm so thankful to all those who voted for me. 

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Board of Directors (IACP): About Me
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