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How long does each therapy session last?

Each Therapy Session lasts between 50 mins to 1 hr

What happens if there is a Power Cut or Technical Difficulties while using Zoom in a Session?

If it is at the beginning of a session, I would reschedule another session  for free.
If it was in the middle of a session and if the client doesn't mind I would continue Over the Phone.

I can't attend during the Opening Hours, what happens then?

If you can not attend during the Opening Hours, I would try my best to work around your Schedule.

What happens if my Phone/Laptop/iPad dies during an online session?

Before an online session, it is your job to have your Phone/Laptop/iPad charged and ready to go at the start of the session.

I booked my session a week in advance, I don't think I will remember it...

Don’t worry, I got you covered. I always text my clients the night before Reminding them of their session.

My child is attending Therapy. Do I find out how the session went?

Without breaking Confidentiality, after each U18 Therapy session, I speak with the parent.
Example: I might say 'Marie, misses going shopping with you since you had another child. Bring her shopping someday just you two and treat her for the day'

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